About Us

 The Story Behind KYBA London

2020… A year none of us will forget. A global pandemic swept the globe and the UK has been in a state that the younger generation has never seen. Lockdowns… Furlough… Unemployment… Tiers… All this led to a moment of clarity. A motivation to try something new. A chance to make something of our own and bring something unique and enjoyable to as many people as we can. To reach as many people, from a variety of backgrounds and circumstances as possible.
We have had more setbacks than we can remember, but we have created some incredible memories building the brand, from concept to launch. We experimented with the quality, the designs, the look and the personality we wanted KYBA to have. Along the way, we have built relationships with some truly inspirational and understanding people, as well as a handful of individuals who were keen to help promote our products. We will never forget you, thanks for helping make KYBA London become something real.
We hope you find as much joy in KYBA clothing, as we found in making it for you. 
Don't forget, Know Your Best Angle.